Outdoor wear that even cheats the wind!
Beanpole Outdoor releases mockumentary,
 ‘Wind Wind Wind’ threequel proves irresistibly popular
Where did Suhyeon–Suji and Hyeongdon–Daejun’s windbreakers come from?

Witty reinterpretation of excessive competition over functionality for outdoor apparel

Beanpole Outdoor highlights its products and criticizes excessive competition with popular mockumentary
SEOUL, April 23, 2014: Samsung Everland’s Beanpole Outdoor has released the threequel of its ‘Wind Wind Wind’ project for this spring, a mockumentary following the popular ‘Kim Suhyeon–Suji’ musical and 'Hyeongdon–Daejun’ fllow-up parody video.
Beanpole Outdoor released a mockumentary titled ‘The Truth of the Windbreaker’ on YouTube ( and Beanpole’s official Facebook page that has been viewed over 300,000 times in only four days. Just as hoped for, the mockumentary is receiving fervent responses from netizens according to Beanpole Outdoor.
Beanpole Outdoor has been providing diverse cultural contents through its YouTube channel to communicate with young people in order to effectively imthe image of its windbreaker, a strategic product for this spring. In particular, the official video of ‘Wind Wind Wind’ starring Kim Suhyeon and Suji recorded over 1.2 million views. Beanpole Outdoor then released a parody sequel, the ‘Hyeongdon–Daejun’ video, that also proved popular, and so that was followed up with more interesting contents, such as a video revealing how the videos were filmed, etc. With 35 million views in total, Beanpole Outdoor is setting an exceptional record as a fashion brand.
'The Truth of the Windbreaker’ released by Beanpole Outdoor, is a mockumentary that is gaining popularity among young people. A mockumentary is a film technique whereby a film of fictional contents is created in documentary form. As they are produced and spread through SNS in addition to TV, such mockumentaries are now an established genre appreciated by young people who are after something original, fresh and fun and can easily access them through their ever present smartphones.
In 'The Truth of the Windbreaker,’ Beanpole Outdoor is using a spoof to criticize the excessive competition that outdoor brands are engaging in over the functionality of their products. Reinterpreting Beanpole Outdoor’s ‘API Jacket’ as a windbreaker that “cheats the wind” while also being waterproof, this mockumentary highlights the product's key features while taking a swipe at the trend of excessive competition.  
The mockumentary is especially entertaining as it takes a refreshing view of the origin of the windbreaker by introducing changes in garments from those worn by the ancient Greeks through Medieval generations to the period of the Joseon dynasty when women wore long robes. At the same time, it contains clever humorous comments that are presented by Kim Dong-yang who appears as a serious Western scholar who also discusses a witty questionnaire survey of 100 citizens.
“The mockumentary is an enjoyable genre through which we can communicate with people aged between 25 and 34, the main target of Beanpole Outdoor,” said a Beanpole Outdoor insider. “The API Jacket, Beanpole Outdoor’s strategic item for the spring season that appeared in Wind Wind Wind, sold out quickly in some colors. We are enjoying the effects of this campaign immensely.” 
Windbreaker featured in popular mockumentary
Beanpole Outdoor's API Jacket
The API Jacket, a strategic product from Beanpole Outdoor’s outdoor line for this season, appears in the ‘Wind Wind Wind’ project video. As a key item for the spring season it is a smart item offering the dual functionality of windbreaking and waterproofing. Created using Cube Block , a material independently developed by Beanpole Outdoor, the API Jacket is more lightweight than an ordinary windbreaker, and thus is ideal for hiking in the spring season.
Though sophisticated and available in a variety of color combinations, it is reasonably priced.
KRW 168,000, Colors (6): green, navy, orange, navy, pink and green