MVIO’s “Good Luck Suit”
Brings Success
Releasing the “Good Luck Suit”, a strategic item to impress interviewers during hiring season
Releasing the “Good Luck Suit”, a strategic item to impress interviewers during hiring season

Offering a sophisticated look that makes the waist look slimmer and legs longer

Made using a combination of 160 yarn wool and an elastic stretch wool/poly blend to reduce weight and fit better 
A well-chosen suit helps make a good impression during a job interview.
On the 3rd, MVIO of Samsung Everland’s fashion division has released its “Good Luck Suit”, a strategic item for job seekers wanting to make a solid impression for interviewers as the hiring season gets into full swing.
The first impression is the key to success during a job interview, the most important step in getting a job. One needs strategic styling to express confidence, diligence and sophistication quickly.
The “Good Luck Suit” is an MVIO flagship item catering to twenty- and thirty-something males, making the waist look slimmer and arms and legs longer. 
The trousers, in particular, make the legs appear longer and the hips slimmer by designing in a short rise, the distance between the waist to the crotch.
The “Good Luck Suit” comes in a choice of three hues --gray, charcoal and navy-- to have the wearer appear fresh and confident. The blue looks especially sophisticated and trendy.
In addition, the “Good Luck Suit” pays particular attention to functionality, accentuating one’s healthy mindand active outlook. It uses a combination of lightweight elastic stretch wool/poly fabric and 160 yarn wool to minimize pressure on shoulders and keep the wearer feeling cool and comfortable. The fabrics air well yet provides ample insulation.
An MVIO spokesperson commented, “The idea of the ‘Good Luck Suit’ originated from our wish to have our customers look as confident as possible for their very important job interviews. Considering that one’s first impression is given in a very short time, a sophisticated and differentiated style can raise the likelihood of success during a job interview.”