8 Seconds and Beanpole Outdoor open stores in Everland Meet 8 Seconds and Beanpole Outdoor
at ‘Everland’ -Korea’s leading theme park
Meet 8 Seconds and Beanpole Outdoor at ‘Everland’ --Korea’s leading theme park

Strengthened product lines include “couple look” and accessories for couples and families

Promotional events offered online and offline, including complementary Everland tickets and price discounts
Samsung Everland (CEO Yoon Ju Hwa) announced on the 1st that it will open 8 Seconds and Beanpole Outdoor stores at Korea’s leading theme park ‘Everland’ located in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do (just one hour south of Seoul).
This is noteworthy in that this will be the first collaboration between Samsung Everland’s fashion division and its regionally famous resort since the company took over Cheil Industries’ fashion business on December 1, 2013.
Samsung Everland commented that opening fashion brand stores will provide additional value to its patrons by offering unique and sophisticated “couple” looks to couples and families visiting the theme park.
‘Everland’ has attracted visitors’ attention with its shops selling apparel, character items and souvenirs. The 8 Seconds’ store, in particular, will be opened with a floor space of 452㎡ in the Global Fair section, which is landmarked by the Magic Tree. The store will really stand out as it is the largest single-brand store in Everland.
Based on a study that showed that over 50% of people visiting Everland are couples and families, 8 Seconds has decided to offer a special edition zip-up hoodie to be sold only at its Everland store. This item features the Everland Owl, one of the theme park’s most popular characters, using 8 Seconds’ special printing and embroidery techniques. It will be available in a wide range of sizes from XS to XL for all couple and family members. The XS size will be suitable for children, delivering a family look in its truest sense. In addition, visitors from abroad can enjoy tax-free shopping.
Given the rising volatility of the weather of late, 8 Seconds has also strengthened its accessory lines to include umbrellas, mufflers and raincoats which can effectively address unexpected weather conditions. The store also kindly offers plastic shopping bags on rainy days so that shoppers will not be inconvenienced by water-soaked paper bags that tear easily.
Meanwhile, Beanpole Outdoor’s store located next to Everland’s main entrance ticket office is focusing on its clothing line for kids. It will release a kids’ edition of its Wind Breaker, popularly known as the Su-hyeon & Suji windbreaker jacket. Also on offer will be a series of clothing such as t-shirts and pants, and accessories like bags, sneakers, hats and sandals all specially designed for children.
To celebrate their stores in Everland, 8 Seconds and Beanpole Outdoor will offer various promotional events both online and offline.
From April 1st to the 6th, 8 Seconds will be giving an instant W5,000 discount to shoppers holding an 8 Seconds leaflet distributed at Everland’s main entrance and buy more than W30,000 worth of merchandise on the same day. Also to be offered will be ‘8’-shaped cookies symbolizing the brand that will be handed to the first 300 visitors to the store.
From April 1st to the 28th, 8 Seconds’ online shopping mall ( will be presenting 80 complementary Everland tickets to 40 people (2 tickets per person) who win its couple’s event.
Beanpole Outdoor will be giving away signed photographs of its spokesperson Kim Su-hyeon to the first 500 visitors to its Everland store every day from the 4th to the 6th. In addition, people participating in the promotional event in front of the store during the same period will be given special “glamping” blankets as a show of appreciation.
A Samsung Everland spokesperson said, “As the first initiative to ignite synergies between our fashion and the resort division, we have chosen to open fashion brand stores in Everland. Samsung Everland will pursue various initiatives to offer a valuable and upgraded lifestyle to our patrons.”