Fan signing event for celebrity speed skaters to be held at 8Seconds COEX store 8Seconds COEX store to hold a fan signing event
for Korea speed skating heroes
Celebrating the launch of ‘Wonder Ice’, a flagship item for the 2014 spring/summer seasons

Fan signing event will continue at 8Seconds Garosugil store next month 

Samsung Everland’s fashion division announced that at 2 o’clock on the 22nd it will hold a fan signing event for celebrity speed skaters Lee Sang-hwa, Lee Seung-hoon and Mo Tae-bum at its 8Seconds COEX store located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
8Seconds has planned a series of fan signing events for the speed skaters to commemorate the launch of its flagship collection of casual attire for the spring/summer 2014, ‘Wonder Ice’.
8Seconds introduced ‘Wonder Ice’ as its flagship collection for the spring/summer season, offering cool, pleasant and comfortable everyday clothes. For women’s daily necessities like sleeveless and short sleeve tees, leggings and tank tops, the ‘Wonder Ice’ collection features sweat absorbent fabrics to enhance freshness. This collection also takes into account the distinct anthropometric features of Koreans, significantly improving comfort.
Starting at its Gangnam store on the 15th, 8Seconds has held a series of fan signing events for the three skaters and is scheduled to hold another one at its Garosugil store next month.
An 8Seconds representative commented, “8Seconds has planned this series of events to thank customers for their support for the brand. Given that it is a rare opportunity to meet national heroes at once, we hope our events will become an unforgettable memory for both the skaters and our customers.”