8Seconds launches its flagship item ‘Wonder Ice’ Offering cool, pleasant and comfortable everyday clothes for the spring/summer season
Sleeveless and short sleeve tees, leggings and tank tops in 12 styles and 33 colors

Holding a series of fan signing events for 3 speed skaters to commemorate the launch of Wonder Ice 

On the 19th, 8Seconds, a specialty private label retailer of Samsung Everland’s fashion division, announced that it had launched ‘Wonder Ice’, its flagship item for the spring/summer 2014.
8Seconds has introduced ‘Wonder Ice’ as its flagship item for the spring/summer season, offering cool, pleasant and comfortable everyday clothes. For women’s daily necessities like sleeveless and short sleeve tees, leggings and tank tops, it uses sweat absorbent fabrics to enhance freshness. It has also taken into account the distinct anthropometric features of Koreans, significantly improving comfortableness.
In a total of 12 styles and 33 colors, ‘Wonder Ice’ offers a wide range of choices.
In particular, five items including camisoles, short sleeve tees and short/mid/full-length leggings are offered in a packaged set, adding more quality, and displayed in a way which helps customers visiting stores easily find and buy them. When you visit an 8Seconds store, colorful Wonder Ice merchandise displayed on the one side of its lounge line walls will instantly attract your attention.
Moreover, short sleeve tees, tank tops and compression leggings are hanged at the center shelf for maximum exposure so that customers will easily see and buy them, focusing on the flow of shopper traffic.
To commemorate the launch of ‘Wonder Ice’, 8Seconds will hold a fan signing event for celebrity speed skaters Lee Sang-hwa, Lee Seung-hoon and Mo Tae-bum at its COEX store at 2 o’clock on the 22nd.
8Seconds personnel commented, “8Seconds has newly created Wonder Ice by adding its sensibility to women’s daily necessities for the spring/summer season. Just as base make-up helps women keep healthy skin, it will significantly help women maintain beautiful figure”.
Meanwhile, Lee Sang-hwa was dressed in a black see-through dress during photo shoot, boasting her graceful femininity. Also, she gave off her gold prize-worthy charm, simply dressed in Wonder Ice ‘short sleeve tee’ and ‘compression leggings’.