Wedding suit goes colorful Shedding traditional black and white, wedding suits feature this season’s colors like blue
Shedding traditional black and white, wedding suits feature this season’s colors like blue

Practicality is gaining popularity, such as styles that are comfortable to wear and accentuate the silhouette of the body

Adding beauty and sophistication with a pocket square or boutonnière  

The wedding season is now in full swing. Flowers blooming and gentle spring breezes are filling the hearts of men and women bursting with expectations of marital bliss.
March is a seasonally important month for young people, causing their hearts to flutter with anticipation just as it did when they entered elementary school. It is even more so for those planning a wedding with their partner. Indeed, planning a wedding is itself a very difficult task. It is not saying to too much to say that to dream a perfect, once-in-a-lifetime wedding is everybody’s dearest wish.
Many things should be planned to have a very special wedding. Everything is important—the wedding venue, honeymoon and events. But the most crucial element of a wedding is the wedding gowns and suits.
Various types of wedding suits have been introduced these days, so picking the right one is easier said than done. You want neither to blindly follow the latest trends nor stick to your own style, exposing yourself to the risk of looking, well, a bit out of date.
Let’s take a look at the latest trends in wedding suits that will turn a bridegroom into a real hero for a spring 2014 wedding.

Shedding black and white, wedding suits are now wearing colors 

Suits conventionally imply ceremonial or formal occasions, so they can be quite standardized. Until a few years ago, wedding suits—mostly tuxedos rented for wedding—didn’t fit well and lacked sophistication with their baggy legs. 
And these days the general public have become a bit more sophisticated so far as their choice of style is concerned, so they are increasingly preferring custom-made wedding suits that can accentuate their own style.
It seems fair to say that consumers are increasingly stressing practicality due to the continued recession. The popularity of versatile items that can serve as everyday suits, not just one-time suits for a wedding, can also be understood in the same context.
Color preferences are also changing. Wedding suits used to be mostly black or white, but it is not rare to see them in various colors these days.
Blue, a trendy color for this spring, is drawing particular attention. The Rogatis Collection, a flagship menswear brand of Samsung Everland’s fashion division, is offering a suit in its proprietary “R-Blue” (Rogatis Blue). R-Blue is brighter than dark navy and actually appears two-tone, which works very well at exuding a beautiful and cheerful impression.
Pal Zileri is recommending a check-pattern suit in blue tinted with purple. This style caters to men who are self-confident, outgoing and enjoy fashion.

Accentuating the silhouette and more comfortable to wear 

These days, slim figures are praised more than ever before. If you are not slim, you should at least look slim. Wedding suits also reflect such a trend.
Taking special account of the lines of the male body like those of the shoulders, torso and lower body, the menswear industry is offering a variety of slim-silhouetted suits that complement one’s shortcomings.  
If you are short and skinny, choosing a slightly shorter jacket will make your legs look longer. Choose a check pattern over a solid to avoid drawing attention to your height.
On the other hand, if you are short and plump, choosing a dark color like black or dark navy and a vertical stripe pattern will make you appear slimmer.
A tall and skinny person may choose a bright color in a check pattern to soften his edgy impression, while a tall and plump person may choose a long jacket to accentuate his roundish waistline.
Meanwhile, consumers’ attention is being directed toward suits using a highly elastic stretch fabric. They are comfortable to wear and highlight a slim silhouette at the same time. Suits from Galaxy feel extra light due to the use of ultra-light main and subsidiary materials woven from super-fine thread. Subsidiary materials are added to the inner pockets to block out static electricity. Functional details like an earphone hole are also designed in.
Lee Ha-na, Chief Designer of Rogatis Collections, said, “As consumers increasingly value the silhouette of suits, comfortableness of its fabric and functional performances will become even more important. To address drastic changes in the climate, many different suits will be introduced, which use functional fabrics that are breathable, deodorizing and stain-resistant.”

Using your left chest to draw attention 
If you do want to be a hero of the day, utilizing your left chest is highly recommended. Unlike women, men have few fashion accessories to accentuate their wardrobe. Watching TV dramas, however, it seems that men’s fashion has taken a big step forward during the past few years.
Pocket squares are most eye-catching. Probably because it is the year of the Blue Horse, a variety of blue colors are being used a lot.
Matching a pocket square in slightly different colors and patterns from your necktie can a more sophisticated look.
In addition, wearing a boutonnière (a small floral or ribbon decoration worn pushed through the lapel buttonhole) is in fashion for this spring. Boutonnières are typically a single flower, mostly in full bloom, which add splendor to one’s look. Since it draws people’s attention, you need to be careful to choose a boutonnière that complements the color of your suit or other accessories to maximize its effect.
Lee Ji-young, Senior Designer of Pal Zileri, said, “Because it is the year of the Blue Horse, a variety of blue colors are being applied across all items including shirts, ties and accessories, as well as suits. Matching a pocket square or boutonnière in colorful paisley or floral patterns with a wedding suit is a great way to a fancy and sophisticated look”.