Hyeong-don and Dae-joon parody the music video starring Kim Su-hyeon and Suji
Wind Wind Wind parody edition released

Hyeong-don and Dae-joon parody the music video starring Kim Su-hyeon and Suji

Fashion brand joins the parody wave

Official video of Su-hyeon and Suji’s Wind Wind Wind passed 800,000 hits on YouTube 
On the 17th, Samsung Everland’s Bean Pole Outdoor released its 2nd edition of a music video titled Wind Wind Wind starring Hyeong-don and Dae-joon.
In celebration of the launch of its spring lineup of windbreakers, a key product category for this season, Bean Pole Outdoor announced its Wind Wind Wind project on March 6th with the release of a music video starring Kim Su-hyeon and Suji on YouTube, which was enthusiastically received by fans and the general public. In just 10 days the official version of the music video garnered 800,000 hits, and when counting all related videos uploaded on YouTube, the total has so far surpassed 1.3m setting an exceptional record for a fashion brand.   
The newly released Wind Wind Wind video stars Jeong Hyeong-don playing the role of Suji and Dae-joon as Su-hyeon.
An official from Bean Pole Outdoor commented, “Competition is ever intensifying among outdoor brands, so Bean Pole Outdoor came up with the idea of doing a music video with an additional parody version. With original culture content, Bean Pole Outdoor will communicate with the brand’s main target of the so-called 2534 generation and clearly demonstrate its brand identity.”

- Fashion brand joins the parody wave 
While the original Wind Wind Wind music video starring Suji and Su-hyeon unfolds a story of awkward encounter, infidelity, heartbreak, separation and tear jerking reunion, the version created by Jeong Hyeong-don and Dae-joon is a wonderfully lighthearted parody that has everybody talking. They certainly do a great job of adding their own comical twist both visually and lyrically.
The song also contains the interesting implication that Bean Pole Outdoor’s windbreaker blocks not only the chilling spring breeze, but also the heartbreak caused by a lover’s infidelity. A Bean Pole Outdoor rep explained, “While Wind Wind Wind with Su-hyeon and Suji captures the hearts of the public in the same way as the TV drama, the parody version with Hyeong-don and Dae-joon appeals to everyone as lighthearted entertainment. Parodying has emerged as one of the mainstream pastimes of our society, and given that Bean Pole Outdoor’s main target is the so-called 2534 generation, who are especially attuned to parodies, we thought generating new content appealing to their sense of humor would be fun. So as part of this project we additionally planned the parody version to follow the original with Su-hyeon and Suji.”

- Urban outdoor windbreaker shines as daywear, sales riding high as a result of YouTube 
Bean Pole Outdoor presents urban outdoor style suitable for daywear through two music videos—Wind Wind Wind with Su-hyeon and Suji and Wind Wind Wind with Hyeong-don and Dae-joon. The windbreakers are available in a variety of styles ranging from the API Jacket, Bean Pole Outdoor’s strategic product for the spring season, to the ‘Do Min-joon Windbreaker,’ which has already been introduced by Kim Su-hyeon in the SBS drama My Love from a Star. Since the release of the music video on YouTube, Bean Pole Outdoor’s windbreaker sales have increased substantially.
Both of Bean Pole Outdoor’s music videos starring Kim Su-hyeon and Suji and Hyeong-don and Dae-joon can be found on Bean Pole’s website (, on YouTube and in movie theaters. BGM’s Wind Wind Wind sung by Suji is also downloadable for free from major music websites, such as Samsung Music, Melon, Genie and Bugs.

- Ban Pole’s Windbreakers in the Wind Wind Wind music video
- Bean Pole Outdoor API jacket  
The API Jacket, Bean Pole Outdoor’s strategic product for the spring, appears in the rescene between Suji and Su-hyeon. It is a smart item with dual functionality that serves as a windbreaker and waterproof outer layer at the same time. Created using Cube Block™, a material developed by Bean Pole Outdoor, the API Jacket is lighter than ordinary windbreakers and is quite suitable for people who enjoy hiking in the spring. It is a sophisticated design available in both solid or color combinations at a reasonable price. 

Price: W168,000 
Colors: Green, Navy, Orange, Navy, Pink, Pink and Green
- Bean Pole Outdoor ‘Do Min-joon’ Windbreaker 
The ‘Do Min-joon’ windbreaker appearing in the parting scene of the Wind Wind Wind music video is also the same item Kim Su-hyeon was wearing in episode 17 of the SBS drama My Love from a Star.
This windbreaker is suitable for camping and light outdoor activities, not to mention making a good choice for everyday wear. It is created using Cube Block™, a material developed by Bean Pole Outdoor, so it is fully waterproof. Notable for its sophisticated color combinations, it can be matched not only with outdoor garments but also urban casual shirts and cotton pants, serving as a light daily outer.
Price: W268,000 
Colors: (Men/Women) Khaki, Orange, Navy 1, Navy 2 and Beige