Galaxy & Pal Zileri,
Menswear Wedding Season Promotion
KRW100,000 gift certificate for first 500 customers spending more than W1mn on wedding apparel.
KRW100,000 gift certificate for first 500 customers spending more than W1mn on wedding apparel.

Promotion offered at all 114 Galaxy & Pal Zileri outlets in dept. stores nationwide, good through March 31st

Visitors to be offered professional styling tips to transform any bridegroom into a real hero for the wedding

The wedding season will soon be in full swing, so the two flagship menswear brands of Samsung Everland’s fashion division, Galaxy and Pal Zileri, are offering an extensive promotion through March 31st.
The promotion is being offered at all 69 Galaxy and 45 Pal Zileri retail outlets located in department stores across the nation.
A ‘B Hands Card’ (a gift certificate exchangeable for wedding invitation cards from Barunson) worth KRW100,000 will be given to the first 500 customers who purchase W1mn or more of wedding apparel including suits, shirts, belts, shoes and accessories. The ‘B Hands Card’ can be redeemed at the company’s website.
And as part of their special services, both Galaxy and Pal Zileri will be offering professional styling tips to turn any bridegroom into a real hero for the wedding. A wide selection of items will be presented reflecting the recent trend that customers have improved their eye for fashion apparel and are increasingly emphasizing the practicality of the wedding suit rather than merely its ceremonial flair.
Using a highly elastic stretch fabric, Galaxy is offering suits that are comfortable while also accentuating a slim silhouette. The suits feel extra light due to the use of ultra-lightweight main and subsidiary fabrics woven from super-fine thread. Special materials are also added to the inner pockets to protect against shocks caused by static electricity. Functional details like an earphone hole are also designed in.
For this spring season Pal Zileri is recommending a blue suit matched with a check pattern shirt. Lee Ji-young, senior designer of Pal Zileri explained, “Because it is the year of the Blue Horse, a variety of blue hues are being applied across all items including shirts, ties and accessories, as well as suits. Also, matching a pocket square or boutonnière in colorful paisley and flower patterns with a wedding suit is a great way to a fancy and sophisticated look”.