BEANPOLE Outdoor releases ‘Wind Wind Wind,’ a musical starring Kim Su-hyeon and Suji Windcheater taking on a wild life,
‘Wind Breaker’ from BEANPOLE Outdoor
‘Wind Wind Wind’ released starring
Kim Su-hyeon and Suji

Suji’s remake of the hit song ‘Wind Wind Wind’ available for free download

Su-hyeon and Suji’s performance as a couple are drawing attention
A music video starring Kim Su-hyeon and Miss A’s Suji has just been released.
On the 6th, Samsung Everland’s BEANPOLE Outdoor announced the release of a musical titled ‘Wind Wind Wind’ starring Kim Su-hyeon and Suji in celebration of the launch of their ‘Wind Breaker,’ a key product for this spring. Released through BEANPOLE’s website, YouTube and theater advertisements, this musical is drawing attention as it stars two of the most currently popular celebrities and also because it features a remake of Kim Beom-ryong’s 1980’s hit song ‘Wind Wind Wind’ sung by Suji (BGM).
BEANPOLE Outdoor anticipates that the musical will effectively publicize it new ‘Wind Breaker’ --a strategic product for this spring-- through a unique collaboration of fashion, music and drama.
 In the musical, Suji and Kim Su-hyeon are lovers experiencing all the joys and heartbreaks of a serious relationship from the initial awkward meeting to cheating, parting and reuniting. It contains the interesting interpretation that BEANPOLE Outdoor’s Wind Breaker blocks not only the chilling spring wind, but also the heartbreak caused by a lover’s infidelity. Appearing as a couple for the first time since their appearance on KBS 2’s ‘Dream High,’ Kim Su-hyeon and Suji do a masterful job of expressing all the changing emotions required of their roles very realistically.
Word has it that the performance of A-list actor Kim Su-hyeon, who is enjoying heightened popularity for his performance in ‘My Love from the Star,’ and Suji as “Korea’s sweetheart” have delighted the viewers.
BEANPOLE Outdoor’s musical starring Kim Su-hyeon and Suji will be released through BEANPOLE’s website ( and YouTube on March 6 and ‘Wind Wind Wind’ sung by Suji will be available for free download from the 10th through major music websites, such as Samsung Music, Melon, Genie and Bugs.