Recommending a practical trench coat with removable padded lining
Recommending a practical trench coat with removable padded lining

Finish your style with a bow tie or hair band
With the new semester around the corner, there is an increase of parents worrying about their children’s wardrobe. Parents of children born in the ‘year of the golden pig’ are especially concerned about the best way to dress their children for their first day at school.
Researcher Kang Eunyoung of Samsung Design has said “This spring, knit sweaters, dresses and other casual items will be combined with the ‘preppy look’, a neat style originating from English school uniforms, to a classy and comfortable look.” While adding, “It has been found that new generation parents seek classy and unique styles for their children, so parents prefer a mixed matched look instead of complete ensembles.”
Beanpole Kids has released a ‘trench coat’ to kick off this new semester. The trench coat by ‘Beanpole Kids’ is designed following the company’s classic feel, and with its removable padded lining, it can be worn from late winter to early spring, when the daily temperature difference is severe.
Shim Sujin, the head of design at Beanpole Kids recommends that
 “Trench coats, which can be viewed as too mature for children or even bland, should be matched with sweaters or dresses that have casual patterns along with denim roll-up pants, giving your child a sophisticated look that still emphasizes the life of a child. Also, to add the final touches to your child’s style, you should try accessorizing with large hair bands or hair pins for girls, or bow ties for boys.
Beanpole Kids released a trench coat line for toddlers ages 3-6, and it is very popular among parents wanting to portray a family look on special events. Characteristics of the trench coat include a removable padding vest, along with hoods for boys and shoulder capes for girls to add an adorable touch.
As for days other than the first day of school, it is wise to practical clothes for your children. A sweater with a fun design and a jacket is perfect for the active lifestyles of boys.
MD Hwang Inbang of Beanpole Kids says “Jackets with detachable padded lining is a sought after product among parents, especially during seasons when the daily temperature difference is severe. The jacket is highly practical as it is wearable in three different ways, with the jacket and lining, with the lining removed or the lining in combination with other clothes.”
For girls that like skirts, adorable skirts that are comfortable while doing activities and dresses that are decorated with intentional wrinkles are expected to be a big hit. Another hot item that is loved by parents and children alike is long checkered shirts combined with tights to look like a dress, or combined with leggings or pants to look like a shirt.
Shim Sujin, the head of design at Beanpole Kids suggests that “When buying clothes for kids in elementary school, you must consider the active lifestyles of children, and aside from the design it is wise to pay attention to the fit, ventilation, moisture absorption, along with other functions.