The release of an upgraded Smart Suit by Rogatis, the blue chip of male suits Expansion of the power net to the shoulder, back, arm regions to increases activity and lower fatigue
Maintaining the shape of your suit is easy thanks to the use of highly elastic material for not only the lining, but also the upper

Increasing production by 50% this spring–summer 2014
Rogatis, the fashion division of Samsung Everland has announced the release of an upgraded version of their smart suit, the blue chip of the male suit industry of last year, for the spring–summer season of 2014.
Smart suits are a completely new concept in terms of suits that come in a slim fit accentuating a slim figure. The curves of the male body are incorporated into the design, while also offering a number of smart functions including power nets.
The functionality of the smart suit has been greatly increased for this spring–summer season. Power nets, which were used to minimize fatigue in the shoulders, have been expanded to cover the back and arms as well, to allow for less restricted movement.
Power net, a material with high elasticity, allows for businessmen that spend long hours in the office or outside to minimize fatigue.
Also, for this season’s suit, there was special attention paid to not only the lining, but the upper as well. By using the highly elastic material for the whole upper, it is easier to make active movements and deformation of the suit such as stretching of the knee region due to long hours of sitting will be more easily prevented.
With the use of Rogatis’ special cooling material, the suits decrease body temperature by 1˚ giving a refreshing feeling. Also, through the use of QR codes located at the bottom of the inner pocket of the jacket, information on how to match your clothes with the suit is made available. There are also pockets especially made for smart phones. Smart functions such as these have been strengthened in this season’s suits.
Production of the smart suit has been increased by 50% in comparison to this past season. In the fall–winter season, more than 30% of Rogatis’ sales were smart suits, so Rogatis plans to grab more attention this season.
Choi Hun, Team leader of Samsung Everland’s fashion division Rogatis has said
“After the release of the smart suit last year, and experiencing the popularity of the product, we have decided to double production. We plan to continually research and develop stylish and highly functional smart suits, to make it the hottest item in the male apparel industry.”
Aside from suits, Rogatis also plans to continually release jackets, shirts, and pants in the smart line-up.