Suggestion of female bags for S/S 2014
Mini sized shoulder bags gaining popularity
Mini sized shoulder bags gaining popularity
Show off your style this spring with pastel colors!
Mini sized shoulder bags and tote bags are expected to gain popularity this S/S 2014. Mini bags have been rising in popularity since the F/W season of 2013, and it will be the ‘it fashion item’ among fashionistas in S/S 2014.

Mini bags will be made from the same material, detail and general ratio while being offered in the same color schemes of brand signature items, but half the size. They will be made to be slung around the shoulders, and will be offered in trendy colors to be used to accentuate ones style. These bags are expected to give the finishing touches to upcoming styles such as feminine looks that shows ones girlish side and sporty looks that give off the appearance of an active lifestyle.
Samsung fashion has stated that the change from oversized shoulder, clutch, and tote bags to mini sized bags is caused by the wide use of smart phones following advances in technology. Through the use of smart phones, people aren’t caring around as many belongings, so the needs of consumers have changed to prefer light mini bags with straps. Another reason for the shift in tendencies is the price difference, allowing consumers to obtain signature items while spending less.
An Seonyoung, designer at Beanpole Accessory of Samsung Everland has stated  “The biggest characteristic of this season is the increase in popularity of the mini sized bags. Brands are releasing mini versions of all their signature items, and they are expected to be used as items to accentuate ones style being offered in lovely and rich pastel colors such as sky blue and light pink.”
The fashion division of Samsung Everland, Beanpole Accessory, will be releasing herit and dover bags in the S/S season of 2014 in a variety of sizes such as small, medium, and mini following the latest trend. Products are available in sensible colors such as pink and sky blue, the hot colors of this season.
The herit bag, gaining immense popularity as the ‘Suzy bag’ among netizens, was released in September 2013 becoming a hot item marking sales of 2,000,000,00 Won in 5 months. The product was first released in blue and camel, and was completely sold out within the first 4 weeks. Following its great success, the herit bag was released in a variety of other colors such as black, pink, and check patterns.
MD Park Youngju of Beanpole Accessory, the fashion division of Samsung Everland has commented on the success of the herit bag by saying  “The herit bag by Beanpole Accessory fuses the classic touch of beanpole with a more modern feel. With its simple, but luxurious design, it is receiving wide approval from consumers. The bag is offered at the reasonable price of 400,000 Won, varying slightly by item. The herit bag is highly practical as it can also be used as a shoulder bag or tote bag.”