Rogatis Store at 11:00 on November 13th
at Yongsan I-Park Mall, Seoul
Rogatis Store at 11:00 on November 13th at Yongsan I-Park Mall, Seoul

Applications for the event will be accepted through the Rogatis Website and the Cheil Industries Facebook page Inviting 100 Customers of Yongsan Store
Cheil Industries Menswear Brand ROGATIS announced on the 4th that they will be holding a fan-signing event of their brand model Hyun Bin on this coming 13th commemorating 100 days since the launch of the Rogatis Smart Suit at the Rogatis Store in Yongsan I-Park Mall, Seoul.
The event is arranged to commemorate 100 days since the release of their new-concept Smart Suit which emphasizes ‘Style’ and ‘Functionality’.
Hyun Bin’s Fan-signing event will be carried for 1 hour starting from 11:00 am on the 13th inviting 100 fans to the Rogatis Store on the 5th Floor of Yongsan I-Park Mall.
Customers with purchase receipts from the Yongsan Store can apply for the event from this coming 4th to 10th through Rogatis’ official website ( or Cheil Industries official facebook page( Customers that purchase a Smart Suit in the Rogatis Store located at Yongsan I-Park Mall during this time will also be eligible for this opportunity.
There is also a special event involving Hyun Bin planned for this day.
There will also be a cake cutting by Hyun Bin and fans to congratulate the 100 day anniversary, along with the chance for fans to meet him.
Cheil Industries Yim Yeongchan Team Manager said ‘This event was arranged in return for the interest and love of customers for the Smart Suit for the last 100 days and added ‘Brand model Hyun Bin will come wearing the Smart Suit which will show the style and functionality of this product and help unforgettable memories.